Nathan Reinds | Photographer of Shows & Productions Nathan Reinds | Photographer of Shows & Productions

How it all started.

Back in 2016, I started with concert photography by accident during an internship at Friendly Fire, a bookings and management agency in the Netherlands.

Under the guise of “Hey, it is pretty useful if we can post a number of photos on social media immediately after the concert to thank the visitors…” I was allowed to shoot the first three songs from two big concerts. Who, you say? The 1975 at AFAS Live and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at the Ziggo Dome.

I certainly didn’t take my best photos those evenings, but I found it fascinating. It was the moment where I realized shooting concerts and productions could be your actual job, how cool would that be to achieve? Later that summer I would be present at a number of festivals for the same company and things started to roll. It was venue TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht who added me end of 2017 to their team of photographers. They gave me the chance to photograph several concerts per month so I could develop myself.

Things escalated a little bit since then and nowadays I serve the best production and media companies with epic photos of their shows and productions. With the same fascination for big productions, stunning lights, beautiful stage designs and massive crowds.

What's important to me.

I strongly believe that what makes me different, relative to other photographers, is who I am as a person. Sure, it’s useful to deliver a bunch of photos the client is happy with. But if you’re purely focussing on the photos, I bet there are several other photographers who are able to make you happy as well. What distinguishes us from each other is how we walk and talk, that’s where the real difference is. With that in mind I thought it made sense to create space where I could tell a little bit more about my values. Because wouldn’t it be weird to only focus on the photos, then?


I strive for a good balance between my work and my private life. That means that I try my best to look critically at my agenda because ‘being busy’ alone isn’t a goal for me. In fact, I think that being busy reduces the quality of my photos. And let’s be honest, being busy is most of the time a lack of saying no and setting priorities. Starting an assignment with a clear mind does a lot. It gives more focus, it improves the creativity and results in less stress. I hope it makes me better at my job and a nicer person in general.


On my personal level, loyalty stands for commitment, attention and respect. In a world that is polarizing more and more I tend to build sustainable relationships. With family, friends but also with my clients. I try to delve into what concerns my clients, what’s the cool part of their job and what they want to achieve. Building loyal relationships allows me to take the risks of predicting the actions, behavior and photos my clients want to see, because I know and trust them and they trust me. Being loyal and transparant gives me a clean conscience. And that improves my sleep at night, haha!


By knowing my strengths and my weaknesses I serve my clients the best I can. For example, every year I make a list of the assignments I did and rate them. Those ratings give me good insights in my own behavior. I found out that i’m not suitable for portrait shoots. I’m good at capturing things that are happening in front of me, but I’m bad at directing situations and make people feel comfortable in front of a camera. I’d rather take the role as a fly on the wall. I think it’s important to know such things about yourself and to be honest about it towards clients. And when I’m asked for something that doesn’t suit me, I’ll send you to the best freelance colleagues I have.

Nathan Reinds | Photographer of Shows & Productions Nathan Reinds | Photographer of Shows & Productions
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