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It’s a wrap!

UEFA EURO 2020 in Amsterdam is over. For me a special experience to capture the atmosphere and production of football matches for the first time. βš½οΈπŸ“Έ

One more assignment for the next week and then it’s time for a long vacation. The past few months have been quite hectic with Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and UEFA EURO 2020 among others and it’s time to process that and make a plan for the rest of 2021.


Looking back… 😊

In the new Entertainment Business Magazine I was allowed to contribute by listing some of my favorite Eurovision Song Contest 2021 photos and writing a piece of text next to it. ✍🏻 That resulted in the spread below!


Another win for the Netherlands!

North Macedonia 0 – 3 Netherlands 🦁

That was already the last game of The Netherlands in Amsterdam for UEFA EURO 2020. 🏟 An easy win, nice atmosphere at the stadium and as group winner through to the 1/8 Final! Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte was also present! The Johan Cruijff ArenA is preparing for one more match. The 1/8 final between Wales and Denmark! ⚽️


Netherlands 2 – 0 Austria 🦁

The three points against Austria makes the Dutch National Team group winner of Group C! That means that they made it to the 1/8 final, which will be played outside the Netherlands! πŸ₯³ So I can still watch a game at home on the couch with friends and family! 🧑

Two more match days to go in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. ⚽️


The Netherlands vs Ukraine

Photographed a football match for the first time in my life. πŸ“Έ On behalf of the KNVB, I mainly focus on the overall atmosphere and production aspects. 🧑 Pictures of the players are made enough by other photographers.

The first matchday at the Johan Cruijff ArenA is over and the first 3 points for the Dutch team are in the pocket. πŸ’ͺ🏻


You get a Gold Award, and you… and you!

The suppliers that make productions like Eurovision Song Contest 2021 possible generally don’t go home with the cool gold awards like artists do. πŸ“€ Let’s change that for my ESC clients. πŸ˜ƒ

Do you keep an eye on the mailbox NPO, NOS, AVROTROS, Sightline Productions, Ampco Flashlight Rental, Faber Audiovisuals B.V., NEP The Netherlands, EMG / UNITED, Unbranded B.V., The Powershop Netherlands, Rotterdam Ahoy and Light H Art? πŸ“¬


Hup, Holland, Hup! 🦁

In the coming month, I’ll finally be able to visit the Johan Cruijff ArenA again. Not for big stadium concerts, but for what the stadium is intended for: soccer! ⚽️🌱 Commissioned by the KNVB / LOS Amsterdam, I will be showing what is involved in producing the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament. πŸ“Έ Very curious about that myself! πŸ€“


What an adventure!

So thankful for this amazing journey. I hope everyone enjoyed my photos and the look behind the scenes. It has been an honor to capture everything what was going on and to put the whole crew who made this huge production possible a bit more in the spotlight. They deserve it! πŸ™πŸ» Extremely proud of what our Dutch live-industry has shown the world. πŸ”₯ Worldclass, no doubt. β™₯️ As you can see, I was to tired to give a proper smile… haha! Now it’s time to rest. 😴


Come rain or come shine πŸŒͺ🌧

On the 5th of May DI-RECT headlined the online edition of ‘Bevrijdingsfestival Den Haag’. The men played a nice festival set live ‘from Schiphol’ in theme park Madurodam. πŸ’₯ Towards the end of the show we were treated to heavy rain showers and that resulted in some great pictures! πŸ“Έ


In the newspaper! πŸ—ž

Had a little talk with dutch newspaper De Stentor about Eurovision Song Contest 2021.


Technical rehearsels! πŸ₯³

The past few days have been dominated by fine-tuning and check, check, double checks. Step by step, Rotterdam Ahoy is getting ready for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. πŸ”₯ What a beautiful stagedesign and lightning, isn’t it?


The Cube, open the doors! πŸ”³

Last weekend, the first episde of the new program “The Cube” was broadcasted on SBS 6. Under the direction of presenter Gordon Heuckeroth, participants play all kinds of games in the cube, in order to win a big amount of money! πŸ’°

Technically a very nice production, including Augmented Reality, 4K Super Slowmotion cameras and a complete Bullet-Time rig. 🀯 Super cool! I was asked to shoot this production for a whole series of great clients including United, Unbranded, AFAS Live, Stagebrothers, Livingprojects and Chain! ✌🏻 The photos were took earlier this year during the recordings.


We’re getting there. πŸ‘€

Two weeks ago, Rotterdam Ahoy was still empty and now we’re here. In recent weeks, people have literally worked 24 hours a day to set up this production. Last week, the press in attendance got a glimpse of the grandeur of the decor and light. 🀯 I am really looking forward to the show week! πŸ“Έ


Royal visit in Ahoy πŸ‘‘

Today, King Willem-Alexander paid a visit during the construction of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam Ahoy. πŸ›  Sietse Bakker, Erwin Rintjema and Jessica-Jane Stam, among others, updated him on the current state of affairs and explained what makes this production so gigantic. πŸ’ͺ🏻


Smile and wave boys, smile and wave. πŸ‘‹πŸ»

This morning a caravan of trucks from NEP The Netherlands and EMG (UNITED) was waved goodbye at the Mediapark in Hilversum. The first video, audio and material trucks are on their way to Rotterdam Ahoy for Eurovision Song Contest 2021! πŸŽ₯ It’s amazing that these two parties have joined forces for this production. πŸ”₯


Step by step!

Construction is being carried out at lightning speed in Rotterdam Ahoy. πŸ’¨ Unbelievable how it all comes together and the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 becomes more visible every day. βš™οΈ It is bizarre that 180 million people from all over the world will soon be watching this. 🌍


Did somebody ordered some steel?

The construction of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is in full swing and that means that tons of steel will be hoisted into the roof. It is that there is also work to be done otherwise I could spend hours on a chair staring at this whole thing. πŸ˜…


Eurovision Song Contest started! 🏁

My cap has been exchanged for a construction helmet … the load-in and construction of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has started. Let’s go! πŸ”₯ Looking forward to photograph this huge production the coming weeks. πŸ“Έ

Commissioned by NPO / NOS / AVROTROS and a handful of great suppliers. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Photo by Joy Hansson


Fly on the wall πŸͺ°

Shot by Manuel Venderbos


2.5 Million viewers for The Passion! πŸ’«

The recording of TV-program The Passion took place yesterday at Munsterplein in Roermond. Presenter Humberto Tan told the Easter story with music from Trijntje Oosterhuis, and many others. 🎢

A beautiful production by producer Mediawater in collaboration with NEP The Netherlands, Ampco Flashlight Rental, Faber Audiovisuals B.V. and Light Image. Entirely commissioned by the public broadcaster KRO-NCRV. πŸŽ‰


TV-production The Passion is coming to Roermond!

It’s the week of Easter and therefore also of The Passion. ✝️ This awesome TV production has been on my bucketlist for a while and that’s why I’m really happy to shoot this one on behalf of broadcaster KRO-NCRV! πŸ”₯

The photo below is shot during The Passion in Concert in Rotterdam Ahoy, which I previously photographed for producer Mediawater. πŸ“Έ


A shot of inspiration, before going to sleep!

Tonight the season finale of #SPLNTR! can be seen on NPO 3. Guests were Chef’Special with their new single, but also Pepijn Schoneveld, Fay Loren and JDL Streetart! ✨ What a beautiful colorful production this. Awesome!

I photographed the recordings and studio on behalf of Pilot Studio.


Silence please!

This weekend the first episode of the brand new SBS 6 program “Silence Please!” was on TV. πŸ“Ί Under the guidance and commentary of Jeroen Van Koningsbrugge and Dennis van de Ven, the participants will complete different courses while they need to be as quiet as possible. πŸ”•

I photographed the whole production on behalf of Eventec Aalsmeer and United.


Let the games begin!

During the month March NPO Radio-2 dj Ruud de Wild and his partner Olcay Gulsen will challenge artists in their radio/tv show ‘Wild in the Weekend’ to play games against each other.


DI-RECT live from the Omniversum

Last weekend, DI-RECT played their sixt livestreamconcert from the Omniversum in The Hague. A huge cinema with a big dome-screen. The band projected custom made visuals during the show wich resulted in some magic moments!


Dutch performing arts in the spotlights!

In the new VPRO program ‘On Stage’, Nadia Moussaid presents a series of artists and musicians together on request of a main guest / co host. Earlier this month I photographed the recordings in TivoliVredenburg, which can be seen next Sunday 21 february on NPO 2. πŸ“Ί


I was in #FirstDates πŸ–€

Well… actually not me in person, but my photos did. 3FM-dj Sophie Hijlkema took part in the Valentine’s special of Dutch dating program First Dates. Some of the photos I took of her during 3FM Serious Request: The Lifeline featured in her introduction. Nice to spot work in the wild!


Fun times at SemiFest LIVE!

Last weekend I had another fun night at SemiFest LIVE. Artist Typhoon dropped by and played songs from his new album Lichthuis. It was a beautiful evening and I’m grateful I can still do my work during this lockdown and evening curfew.


Eurovision Songfestival 2021 back on the agenda!

Last year, COVID-19 came by and swept Eurovision Songfestival 2020 off my agenda. But…

Coming year I’ll still get the change to shoot this mega bucketlist production commissioned by the NPO, NOS and AVROTROS as their housephotographer. Really siked about this and looking forward to it.


Turning a diner-awardshow into a live talkshow πŸŽ₯

The Industributie Awards diner has been the place to be for decades, for business leaders of food-retailers and manufacturers. Due COVID-19 the diner couldn’t take place so they turned it into a big live TV-talkshow, with special guests, a live band and comedians. The beautiful production took place in Felix Meritis in Amsterdam.


SemiFest Live, a brand new TV-concept, is launched!

“We’re gonna have some fun, tonight!” 🎢

You’ll hear this sentence in the leader of SemiFest LIVE, an initiative of Martijn van Rheenen. πŸ’« For the past weeks every evening a live broadcast was made from the A’DAM Toren. πŸŽ₯ Through the interactive platform, viewers could interact with the guests and sing, dance, cook and laugh together!


3FM Serious Request: The Lifeline is a WRAP!

Last week, we collected € 1.601.923 euro for the Red Cross in the Netherlands to fight against COVID-19. 🦠 What an amount of money!

It was another beautiful, but also intense and emotional radio week. So many sad stories directly or indirectly through corona… 😒 Luckily Alfie the dog was there to cheer us up again. 🐢 Now it’s time to spend some time with family and friends during christmas.

Foto: Nathan Reinds // www.nathanreinds.nl


The NPO Radio 2 Top 2000 list is OUT!

The complete TOP 2000 list was announced during the show of Radio 2 DJ Ruud de Wild. πŸŽ™ This year DI-RECT won the TOP 2000 Award with their beautiful song ‘Soldier On’ as the highest new entrant on position 12! πŸ†


DI-RECT live from Grand Hotel Kurhaus

Every year, DI-RECT closes the year with hometown shows in venue ‘PAARD’ in The Hague. This cannot continue this year due COVID-19 so they produced another livestream concert this year. πŸŽ₯ It turned out to be a magical show in a magically place. By surprise they received the platinum award for single Soldier On. πŸ’Ώ


Brand new website!

After two years of perfect service it was time for a new look and feel. My old website was white and clean, very clean. Last year I found out that my website didn’t really represent me as a person. In the real world I’m not that clean and corporate, haha. So it became time to design and build a new website with a matching look and feel. Rich of contrast, colorful and a bit edgy. Thanks a lot to Buro Bros for the building-part.


First edition Guidinc Video Streaming Awards

The first edition of the Guidinc Video Streaming Awards is a fact! ?

In the past weeks, people in the Netherlands where able to vote for various categories, such as: favorite streaming service, best film / series, best documentary, favorite quote and best couple. ?

In the same order, the winners were: Netflix, Undercover, The Kissing Booth, Summer, ‘Dat vinden wij niet raar, dat vinden wij heel bijzonder’, Ferry & Danielle (Undercover). Presenter Dzifa Kusenuh took the presentation for her account. ?


Shooting several FOX Sports programs

Last month I photographed several FOX Sports programs in the studio at Endemol Shine Group. ?

I captured the presenters and analysts in their natural habitat during various live broadcasts. ⚽️ Jan Joost Van Gangelen, Pascal Kamperman, Hans Kraay, Ronald de Boer and Kenneth Perez, among others, were featured during the broadcasts. ?


Blindness live at Royal Theater CarrΓ©

Last weekend I visited the lovely Royal Theater CarrΓ© again. ? With the installation ‘Blindness’ they managed to create a cultural light in these dark times. ✨

Photographing was a huge challenge during the performance because it mainly takes place in the dark. Not surprising with ‘Blindness’ as the title. ? Afterwards we took the time to set up the entire installation properly.

“If you can see, look. If you can look, observe.”


Guest in the podcast ‘Make’

Last week I was invited to make my podcast debut at ‘Make’, the podcast of Kris Pouw, and that episode is live. ?

It was a nice open conversation and it was for the first time that I spoke so openly about topics that I find important. ?
If you feel like listening to me for an hour and a half, be my guest! We talked about acquisitions, marketing yourself, rates and discounts, the endless drive for growth and my perception of success and happiness.

Click the photo below!


DI-RECT live from the Elektriciteitsfabriek

Last weekend the release show, of new DI-RECT record ‘Wild Hearts’, took place live from the Electricity Factory! ⚑️

To celebrate the NPO 3FM Award for the livestream at De Pier Scheveningen, we took a picture with the whole family beforehand. ? Grateful to have a small share in these four productions. ??

Nathan Reinds | Photographer of Shows & Productions Nathan Reinds | Photographer of Shows & Productions
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