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A visual of the earth 🌏

Last night the audiovisual show 𝐋𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐎𝐟 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐡 took place in the Royal Theater Carré. A show by artist Maarten Vos and visual studio Maotik with guest appearances by Joep Beving and Marina Herlop. ✨

It was an extremely challenging show to shoot for me and I think I passed my low light photography exam yesterday. 😄 A strongly moving projection on the floor and almost no show light made me push my camera and the pictures to the limits. Luckily, that worked out pretty well! 🔥


Good evening Europe! ✨

Last Saturday, Eurovision in Concert was scheduled in AFAS Live.

This show is a pre-party for the big Eurovision Song Contest which will take place in Liverpool next year. Thanks to the pre-parties, the participating countries can already perform their song live several times and gain the sympathy of the public! 🎶

Dozens of countries performed at a furious pace. As you would expect, it was again a rollercoaster through al genres. Tough, but great fun to photograph again! 🥳


Light? Led? Camera? Action! 🎬

Last weekend, the first episode of ‘Alles Is Muziek’ was broadcast on RTL 4 with presentation of host Marieke Elsinga. 📺

Two teams with celebrities compete against each other, under the guidance of captains Jeroen Van Koningsbrugge and Holly Mae Brood. They can win all kinds of objects which they need to cover a pop song in the final, without any real instruments. 🎶


The festival season has started! 🍾

Although festivals nowadays take place all year round, Paaspop is still seen as the traditional start of the festival season in the Netherlands! 🎊

With a new light set, setlist and staging in our pocket, we will hit the road again with the entire DI-RECT family. Visiting many beautiful big festivals this season and I’m really looking forward to that. 😊 Will I see you at, for example, Liberation Festival Overijssel, Pinkpop or Concert at SEA? ✨


Millions of viewers for the Easter story! ✝️

Last night the TV show The Passion was broadcast straight out of the city Harlingen. More than 2.4 million people were watching the TV at home and thousands of visitors were finally allowed to watch live again. That gives the show that little bit extra! ✨

It was a tough evening because it rained non-stop. 🌧️ Deep respect for all cast members, cameramen, musicians, the choir and other crew who continued to fight through the weather under the inspiring leadership of director David Grifhorst. 👏🏻


Got my backpack! 🎒

As of tonight, I will partially go back to college. In the coming year I will follow the part-time study Higher Management / Business Administration. 🎓

With this study I hope to further increase my knowledge in the field of business management and entrepreneurship. Partly for my current company, but also to be able to build future plans with more confidence and knowledge. 📈 An exciting step, but I’m really looking forward to it! 😊

The study is part-time and therefore fits perfectly alongside my work. Fortunately, I still got lots of time left to photograph the most beautiful shows and productions! 📸


Your vote counts 🖍️

Last night the final debate of the NOS took place in the run-up to the provincial elections for which we can vote today. National politicians such as Mark Rutte, Sigrid Kaag, Jesse Klaver, Wopke Hoekstra and Caroline van der Plas debated in the Provincial House of Den Bosch.


Douze Points… 🥳

A few weeks ago I was allowed to capture the video clip recordings of ‘Burning Daylight’, the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest by Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper. 📸

The video clip is a virtual production in the ReadySet Studios, which means that any desired filming location can be simulated virtually on a giant screen. You can switch in no time between a restaurant and a living room. Super effective! 💡


Forza PUMA! 🇮🇹🇩🇪

Two weeks ago I was allowed to capture the Puma Football Summit SS24 in Milan and Herzo. A super cool trip and program for dozens of important relations of PUMA Group! 🎉

The first day was dedicated to the collaboration between AC Milan and PUMA Group and was filled with a show in Casa Milan, a Q&A with ex-footballer Shevchenko during dinner, a museum tour and while we where there: a visit to the UEFA Champions League match AC Milan – Tottenham Hotspur. ⚽️

Afterwards we flew to the PUMA headquarters in Herzo where a nice program for two more days was planned. 😊


Where worlds collide 🌍

The tour of DI-RECT in collaboration with the Residentie Orkest is over! Last weekend a sold-out MAINSTAGE NL was planned and last Saturday a sold-out Martiniplaza. 🔥

I shot all the shows of the tour. 📸 It was nice to see how two worlds came together: a tightly organized and conducted classical orchestra and the rock ‘n roll of the band. 💥 At all times with deep respect for each other’s musicality and professionalism. 🙏🏻


Magical Nights 💫

Absolutely loved both nights with DI-RECT and the Residentie Orchestra in a sold-out AFAS Live. ✨ So cool to hear the music with all the extra dimensions that an orchestra adds. 🙏🏻 Next up in the tour: Den Bosch and Groningen.


Visiting the southern neighbors 🇧🇪

Last night the MIA’s, or the Belgian Music Industry Awards, were presented in PALEIS 12. 🏆 It was a great live show with winners such as Stromae, Pommelien and Metejoor. 🎉

The evening was presented by Bart Peeters and was shown live on VRT. 📺 Commissioned by Painting with Light, which was responsible for the lighting, I was allowed to capture the entire show. 📸 Super cool!


Surprise Surprise! 💥

For weeks, ‘Special Guest’ had been included in the ESNS schedule on Saturday evening. Was it Kensington with a new singer? A Doe Maar Tribute? Or secretly Dua Lipa who was already in town? None of them… 🧐

At the end of last year, DI-RECT called me to ask if I could keep a secret. 🤫 Last year DI-RECT won the coveted Pop Prize, but due to corona no final concert could be given. They would still get that space this year! 🎉


The Largest Pub in the Netherlands! 🍻

Last night a new series of Vrienden van Amstel LIVE started in Rotterdam Ahoy. A total of 20 shows will be played and the 25th anniversary will be celebrated. 🎉

This year again it is a huge spectacle that literally goes in all directions and is full of performances by Chef’Special, Guus Meeuwis, Kraantje Pappie, Typhoon, Anouk and Flemming, among others! 🔛


Paradiso baby! ⚡️

Last night Snelle played his last show of the Tot Nu Toe(r) in the Amsterdam pop temple Paradiso. 🔥 The venue was completely sold out and went wild from the first minutes!

What a great show to end the year with. I was allowed to come along to photograph the whole evening next to and on stage. 📸 It was my first time to capture a show in this venue, super cool! 😊


€ 2.345.107 for ‘Het Vergeten Kind’! 🎉

Last week NPO 3FM Serious Request took place with the traditional Glass House, in the Municipality of Amersfoort. 📡 The three deejays Rob, Sophie and Barend locked themselves up for a week to raise money for ‘Het Vergeten Kind’. I captured the entire event. 📸

It was another edition to remember. Countless cool guests with great stories, deejays with COVID, fun artists such as Snelle and DI-RECT, moving stories of children who have to grow up with intense problems but also have hope for a positive future… It was quite the week for me. ❤️

It made me especially aware that it is not obvious to grow up in a warm loving family. 🫶🏻 Appreciate what you have and express that appreciation to your loved ones as well.


Love Me Just A Little Bit More ❤️‍🔥

Last night, after years, another edition of the famous Symphonica in Rosso took place. 🌹 At the Ziggo Dome, the Dolly Dots were the stars of the evening during their farewell concert. 👋🏻

Earlier in 2020 and 2021 they did the last ‘Sisters On Tour’ tour through the theaters in the Netherlands. The tour, but also Dolly Dots as an act, ended yesterday in a packed venue. There were guest appearances by Diggy Dex, Orgel Joke and Roberto Jacketti & the Scooters. 🎉


A Christmas Carol 🎄

Last night, more than 1.8 million Dutch people watched Scrooge Live on NPO 1 at Omroep MAX. Narrator Roué Verveer took the viewers on a journey through the well-known story of Charles Dickens. 🎄

The show took place live in Dordrecht and, under the presentation of Carrie ten Napel, had one goal: to draw attention to 300,000 Dutch children living in poverty. ❤️ During the broadcast, more than 10,000 new sponsors are recruited for National Fund Children’s Aid. 🙏🏻 Heartwarming!


Rebels Never Die 🏴‍☠️

Last Saturday, the comeback show of world DJ Hardwell took place in the Ziggo Dome, as part of his Rebels Never Die World Tour. 🌎🔥

In 2018, Hardwell temporarily put an end to his career because it became mentally too much and the work did not yield enough energy. The balance had to be found again and I hope he succeeded. A strong move if you ask me! 💪🏻


Hup Holland Hup! 🦁

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is in full swing and the group stages are now over. Every day football fans can watch matches and analyzes on NPO 1 at the NOS, in a special World Cup studio. ⚽️ Commissioned by Faber Audiovisuals B.V. I visited the studio to take pictures of the set. They supplied all the LED walls that you see in the walls. 🎉


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🎄

Last Monday the recordings of ‘Christmas duets: the Christmas story with Stef Bos’ took place in the beautiful Grote Kerk of Loenen Aan De Vecht. 🕯 Guests included Edsilia Rombley, Berget Lewis and Frank Boeijen.


Musical magic at the Ziggo Dome! 🎶

Last weekend three shows of the Evening of Film Music took place. A unique show in which music from world famous films such as James Bond, The Lion King and Harry Potter is performed live by the Metropole Orkest. 💫


Douze points! 1️⃣2️⃣

Last Thursday, Eurovision enthusiasts could sing their lungs out at Het Grote Songfestivalfeest in the Ziggo Dome. This show consisted of former participants of the Eurovision Song Contest and was led by Edsilia Rombley and Cornald Maas! 🎉


Kick off! ⚽️

Last month I was commissioned by ESPN to photograph all Dutch football programs that the channel has. 📸 Great fun to do as a football fan, of course.

Specifically, it concerned De Voetbalkantine, Voetbal op Vrijdag, Studio Europa, ESPN Vandaag, De Eretribune, Goedemorgen Eredivisie, Dit Was Het Weekend, Eredivisie op Zondag and the podcast Fresia en Milan Parkeren De Bus. 📺


Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 😴

Last weekend the second edition of Chantals Pyjama Party took place in the Ziggo Dome. Dressed in the most creative pajamas, thousands of visitors came to the party of TV star Chantal Janzen.

Chantal flew through the venue on a bed, a large waterfall on stage, lots of fireworks and great performances by artists such as Suzan & Freek, Flemming, Jan Smit and Rolf Sanchez… What a wonderful spectacle this was to photograph. 📸



Last weekend the sold-out show of DI-RECT in Rotterdam Ahoy was on the program. It was another tight show. Almost felt like New Years Eve with all those fireworks! 🎇

Super happy that I could be there again on behalf of the band to photograph them in front of and behind the scenes. 📸 Always fun to do. 😊


“Actually, I became a photographer by accident.” 🙊

Yesterday afternoon I was allowed to visit the Cibap Art College in Zwolle to give a guest lecture to photography students. 📝

I was allowed to tell them how I became a photographer and what I have learned in recent years by reflecting a lot. In addition, I included the students from A-Z in the process of a photo assignment. From preparation to post-processing! 👨🏻‍💻


And the winner of the Gouden Televizier Ring is… 👀

Last night was the annual Gouden Televizier Ring Gala in Royal Theater Carré. Under the leadership of presenters Jan Smit and Rik van de Westelaken, various Televizier-Ster prizes were awarded and the Televizier-Ring. 📯 The winners this year:

✦ Televizier Ring: ‘Even Tot Hier’
✦ Televizier-Ster Actor: Frank Lammers
✦ Televizier-Ster Online Video Series: ‘Open Kaart’ – Robbert Rodenburg
✦ Televizier-Ster Presenter: Tim Hofman
✦ Television Star Impact: #BOOS
✦ Television Star Talent: Soy Kroon
✦ Television Star Youth: ‘Hallo, Ik Heb Kanker’

Congratulations to all winners, but also to the broadcasters, producers, set builders, light and sound technicians who made it possible! 👏🏻


Future Focused Leadership 🎯

Yesterday the first edition of Amsterdam Business Forum took place at AFAS Live. A world class seminar day with speakers such as Usain Bolt, Yuval Noah Harari, Amy Edmondson, Duncan Wardle, Boyan Slat and Jimmy Nelson. 🗣

It’s always nice when there is a program that you can learn something from, in between working. 💡 Furthermore, with Usain Bolt, we took a big group photo with the wel known Bolt-sign. 😉


Through the wind and rain! 🌦

Last weekend The Streamers gave three performances in the Olympic Stadium Amsterdam. For the first time with fans in front of them, because during the corona period they only did livestream shows! 🎥

The weather was bad, but it didn’t spoil the fun. During the three-hour show, the fans could dance and jump to countless top Dutch artists. 🎉 Luckily we could end it with a bit of fireworks and a sun!


And the winner is… 🏆

Last Tuesday evening the ‘Eredivisie Awards’ took place in ‘De Fabrique’ in Utrecht. 🎥 A live TV show led by Jan Joost Van Gangelen and Fresia Cousiño Arias in which various football players and football players were highlighted. 🎉

Winners of various awards were AFC Ajax footballer Jurriën Timber, Borussia Dortmund striker Sebastien Haller, FC Twente players Fenna Kalma and Wieke Kaptijn, FC Groningen player Cyril Ngonge, PSV as a club and the Feyenoord Rotterdam icon Wim Jansen.


Home Again ⏪

Kensington’s farewell shows kicked off last night in the Ziggo Dome. After fifteen years, singer Eloi Youssef leaves the band. One more time together! 🔥

You can rightly call the Ziggo Dome their home base. Including next week’s shows, the total score comes to 25 shows, what an achievement. 👏🏻


Lowlands was ‘Formidable’

After two years of absence, Lowlands could finally continue in Biddinghuizen last weekend. About 65,000 visitors enjoyed performances by Stromae, Arctic Monkeys, Oscar and the Wolf and Liam Gallagher and many more.

I attended the whole weekend to photograph the atmosphere and artists, commissioned by NPO 3FM and VPRO 3voor12. For Ampco Flashlight Rental and Faber Audiovisuals B.V. I zoomed in on the technical details.


This is so epic! ?

The Netherlands Institute ‘Beeld en Geluid’ includes my photo book ‘The Bigger Picture’ in the national archive. My book, and I quote haha, “contains certain photographic documents that are of national importance to Beeld en Geluid from a cultural-historical point of view”. ?

Beeld en Geluid archives an endless amount of TV and media history. In addition, you will find the largest Eurovision Song Contest archive in this beautiful building! Very cool that my photo book is kept here and will remain available as a reference work. ?


Concert at Sea!

Last weekend the 15th edition of Concert at Sea finally took place on the beautiful Brouwersdam, where the seals are listening while they swim around the stages and the sun is heating the beach!

The entire weekend I was allowed to be present as a house photographer, commissioned by Agents After All, and that was fantastic. Enjoyed the crew, all the befriended artists who performed, the location and the beautiful weather!


The Script and ‘The Crowd’

What a beautiful location on the Brouwersdam in Zeeland. ? One more festival day to go with Davina Michelle, Chef’Special and BLØF of course.


In honor of the Veterans ?

Last Saturday the Dutch Veterans Day 2022 took place in The Hague. The morning started with an Opening Ceremony in the National Theater, then the Banner Ceremony took place on a gigantic pontoon in the Hofvijver, followed by the Defilé towards the Malieveld.

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Kajsa Ollongren gave speeches at the various locations.


Full throttle in AFAS Live!

Last weekend, rapper Snelle played in a packed AFAS Live for three evenings with his own shows. All his hits came along and various guest artists such as Maan, Suzan and Freek and JeBroer were on stage next to Snelle.

Commissioned by AT Bookings and Team Snelle I was there every evening from start to finish to capture the whole production.


‘Honoring the men and women who died for our freedom.’ ?? 

Last Sunday the American Memorial Ceremony took place at the American Cemetery Margraten. The memorial in Margraten always takes place on the last Sunday of May. One day before the United States celebrates Memorial Day.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte was present at the memorial and the Royal Netherlands Air Force did a fly-over with four F16 fighter planes. ? WWII veterans were also present. Impressive!


What percentage do you belong to?

Last weekend, the first episode of ‘The 1% Quiz’ was shown on RTL, led by Tijl Beckand. This quiz is all about logical and creative thinking and you will not be judged on what you have remembered from your school period.

A few weeks ago I visited the very big TV set to take pictures for Eventec Aalsmeer, EMG NL, Stagebrothers, Light-H-Art and Ledlease BV.


HYPER with Davina Michelle! ?

Last weekend, two of Davina Michelle’s HYPER shows took place in a sold-out Rotterdam Ahoy. What a great production this was and a great performance!

Exactly one year ago, Davina Michelle was also in Ahoy, then during Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and now she fills it herself!

Commissioned by Unlimited Productions BV, Davina Michelle, 8ball Music, Faber Audiovisuals B.V., Unbranded B.V., Lust For Live and Apexx I was allowed to come by to record the production and technique.


‘Beste Zangers Live’ in Ahoy!

Last weekend Rotterdam Ahoy again filled up for two evenings of the live shows of Beste Zangers Live, named after the Dutch TV program.

In the TV program, artists give existing songs a new look and sing them to each other in an intimate setting. ✨ A large part of these songs could be heard during the live shows by, among others, Davina Michelle, Rolf Sanchez, Emma Heesters and Miss Montreal.

It was great fun to meet so many well-known crew members again and to be presented with such a beautiful show!


Let the games begin! ?

Yesterday the Opening Ceremony of Invictus Games The Hague 2020 took place. A beautiful show with special guests Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and artists DI-RECT, Anneke van Giersbergen and Kaiser Chiefs.

The Invictus Games is an international sporting event for physically and/or mentally injured soldiers. ?? The presence of the Ukrainian delegation is therefore extra special. ?? It was an honor to photograph this Opening Ceremony!


Millions of viewers for the Easter story ✝️

Last Thursday evening The Passion 2022 could be seen live on Dutch national television. The Passion is the annual TV show that tells the Easter story. This year for no less than 2.2 million viewers!

I was allowed to be there again this year to capture the entire show for KRO-NCRV. It is a mega production and it is wonderful to ‘play outside’ like this. Also very nice that buddy Floris Heuer wanted to come along to photograph together with me.


Behind The Screens!

The Media Park in Hilversum remains a fascinating place. Under one roof you walk through the corridor from one studio to another. All different worlds with their own look and feel, built by great companies.

Recently I have been able to photograph a lot of cool studios and broadcasts. Including UEFA Champions League at RTL with Humberto Tan, the talk shows Khalid & Sophie and Op1 by the NPO, Vandaag Inside by Talpa TV and CL Voetbal at Ziggo Sport. ?



A special show last weekend with DI-RECT in TivoliVredenburg, because it was my ‘5 year anniversary’ with them.

March 2017, Tim van der Zalm called me… He heard that I was the photographer for TivoliVredenburg that evening. He asked if I would like to come a little earlier and also make backstage pictures with the band… Of course I wanted to, the rest is history!

Since that night I have owed a lot to this band. On to many more years!


Second print is coming!

A second print of my photo book The Bigger Picture of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is coming!

For every volunteer, employee or fan who missed it. You can pre-order again and shipping will start at the end of May, after I get back from Eurovision Song Contest 2022. ?

The photo book gives you a unique look behind the scenes of the largest TV production in the world. From construction to dismantling!


Time for young creators!

A creative community for young people!

Last weekend the preliminary round of Kunstbende Overijssel took place in Hedon! The annual production of my girlfriend Nadieh Hoeksma. You understand, staying at home was not an option. ?

During the provincial preliminary round, young people had the chance to win a place in the national final. They can participate in the categories Dance, DJ, Expo, Fashion, Film, Music, Spoken Word and Theater and are judged by a professional jury. ?

This year, more than 120 young people dared to take the step to the podium. Super cool to see how much talent there is in the Province of Overijssel and important that they can gain stage experience in this way!


Hometown show!

Last weekend DI-RECT played a show in Hedon, in other words: a home game for me! It doesn’t happen often that a job is around the corner, haha.


Back to the clubs!

After two COVID years, there are finally some sold out club shows with DI-RECT on the schedule. Very excited and happy to be part of the tour again! ? Among others live at Hedon, Paradiso and TivoliVredenburg. Before we’ll roll into the festival season together!


Ster Golden Loeki

Last night on NPO 1, the Golden Loeki Star was awarded again: the prize for the most beautiful, funniest and most popular commercial according to the public. Finalists have a chance to win a Bronze, Silver or Golden Loeki!

The presentation was done by Carrie ten Napel and Steven Brunswijk, Hila Noorzai, Saar Koningsberger and Kees Boot were guests for the special quiz. Queen of the Olympic Winter Games Irene Schouten handed over the Golden Loeki!



The Glass House of NPO 3FM Serious Request will raise € 2,000,183 this year for WWF so that they can protect the rainforests that form the lungs of our earth. ? Super proud, what a huge amount!

One day with the public and then the harsh reality of a lockdown with an empty square. We made the best out of it! ??

I was allowed to capture this production for NPO 3FM, NEP The Netherlands, Faber Audiovisuals B.V. and Backbone International! ?


Those were 5 fun hours… ⌛️

Today NPO 3FM Serious Request started. The return of the Glass House and the public was welcome again! The DJs Sander, Frank, Jorien and Rob closed the door behind them at 12:00. ?

But, we all already knew what would happen… ? It would be the first and the last day with an audience, unfortunately, due to the new COVID-19 measures and lockdown.

We continue to raise money for the WWF so that they can save our rainforests and the climate! ? Do you also donate? Glad that I shoot this beautiful production for clients NPO 3FM, NEP The Netherlands and Faber Audiovisuals B.V.


Was this job meh, totally fine or super? ✅

This year I will list all my assignments, assess how much I liked it and what my first memory is. Usually that is positive and fun, but sometimes also confrontational. I find it helpfull to see whether there is a common denominator between the ‘meh jobs’ and then to consider whether I can or should do something about that. ?

This year I also kept track of which assignments I said ‘no’ to. ⛔️ Often because I simply couldn’t, but sometimes also because I didn’t think I was the best option for the job and I prefer to forward clients to colleagues. With this ‘no list’ I can, for example, check at the end of the year whether I still stand behind my choices and whether there are cool assignments that I want to reserve a place for in the agenda so that I don’t have to say no again. .

It works well for me to bring more focus to my work in this way and to become as less susceptible as possible to turnover stress. And well, sometimes something slips through… then at least something remains to be analysed. ?


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… ?

Yesterday, the recordings of Het Kerst Muziek Gala, the annual TV show of Meer Muziek in de Klas, in which children make music together with artists, took place! ? This year Trijntje Oosterhuis, Jeangu Macrooy, Jamai Loman and Wouter Hamel performed in the show. ? The recordings had a royal touch, because Queen Máxima was also present. ? Commissioned by AVROTROS I photographed the entire production and the royal visit.


The Bigger Picture ?

Finally found the time today to photograph my [sold out] photo book The Bigger Picture of Eurovision Song Contest 2021. ? Super proud of how the photo book turned out and very happy with the positive reactions. It was an exciting and stressful rollercoaster but it was totally worth it! ??

There will be no second printing for now. When you buy my book, I want your experience to be more than a brown box with a book. That is why I carried out the entire packing and shipping process myself and provided each package with a personal touch.

But, I became a photographer to capture cool shows and productions and not to pack packages in my office all day. As much fun as that was, now is the time to shift my focus back to photography. ?

For the lucky few: have fun with your exclusive book! ?


Back to hybrid! ?

Last week the live event ‘Deloitte Responsible Business’ event took place in Theater Amsterdam. The responsibility of corporate companies was discussed in three different panels. Unfortunately without an audience, because of the new COVID-measures! Commissioned by FX Agency and Deloitte, I shot the entire production. ?



Today the last copy of my photo book The Bigger Picture of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has been sold! ??

What started with a idea with Eurovision TV-director Marnix Kaart, in the director’s van just before the Grand Final became reality. I think it’s really cool how everything turns out and that people were willing to buy it too!


Distribution center Reinds

Since my photo book The Bigger Picture of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has arrived, my life has been dominated by packaging books. This is what it looks like! ?

Processing the pre-orders is going well and the first buyers already received the book. So nice to get the first reactions!! ?


“I accidentally became a photographer!” ??

Yesterday I was allowed to give a guest lecture to all second-year students of the audiovisual bachelor at the Herman Brood Academy. ?

I told about my first internship at Friendly Fire B.V., being proactive in your work, dealing with performance pressure in society, taking enough time mess around and letting your passion grow instead of finding it! ? Super fun to do. ?


Making the best out of it…

Last Saturday HIER festival was planned in Rotterdam Ahoy. A brand new festival by the makers of Concert at SEA. ? Artists such as Suzan and Freek, The Dirty Daddies, Racoon and Maan would perform for thousands of people.

Until the COVID-19 press conference… the complete festival was cancelled.

It was very strange to walk around in a decorated and constructed Ahoy, knowing that no visitor would come to see the result. ? To make something out of it, BLØF played a show for the crew in the hall and for the public at home via a live stream and the KPN channel. ?


Today in How It’s Made? ?

Some behind the scenes of the printing process of The Bigger Picture of Eurovision Song Contest 2021. ? So cool to see!! My photo book gives a unique look behind the scenes at one of the world’s largest TV productions. ?


The best unboxing EVER! ?

Today I could pick up my photo book ‘The Bigger Picture of Eurovision Song Contest 2021’. SO HAPPY!! ?

From the pictures to the text and the graphic design: I made it myself and I’m very proud of how it all turned out! ?? I’ll arrange some last things and then the shipping will start. ?


5… 4… 3… 2… 1… ✨?

Today the opening of Depot Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen was planned. The first art depot in the world, which is open to the public!

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander pressed the big button and started the spectacular show in front of and on top of the depot!

I photographed the whole production on behalf of IDTV and Boijmans.



Last weekend my friends from DI-RECT were on fire for two evenings in Rotterdam Ahoy. ? Lots of energy on stage ?


Back on Dutch soil! ??

Yesterday the band Måneskin – winners of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 – played in the Netherlands again. ? During an NPO 3FM Exclusive concert they made 50 fans the happiest on earth. ?

The location of the concert was kept a secret for a long time because the band has a huge appeal. A few fans managed to find the NDSM Theater and watched through a window! ?


Glitter and glamour! ✨

‘Kinderen van Ruinerwold’ wins the Televizier Ring 2021! ✨

Last night the annual Televizier Ring Gala took place in Royal Theater Carré. ? Hosts Jan Smit and Rik van de Westelaken announced the winners. ?

Golden Televizier Ring: Kinderen van Ruinerwold
Online Video Series: Linda’s Kankerverhaal
Youth: De Zomer van Zoë
Upcoming Talent: Rob Kemps
Silver Star Woman: Nikkie de Jager
Silver Star Man: Andre van Duin
Silver Star Actor/Actress: Elise Schaap


And now… wait! ?

Last week I gave approval for the softproofs of The Bigger Picture of Eurovision Song Contest 2021! Now it’s up to the printer to convert my design into printed paper, so very exciting! ?

Super cool that the book is being ordered so much and oh boy, it even crosses national borders: Indonesia, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Austria and Germany are already on the list. ? Crazy!

Check www.biggerpicturebook.com if you want to order the photo book. ??


Preface by Sietse Bakker!

Extremely happy that Sietse bakker (Executive Producer Event) wanted to write a preface for my photo book ‘The Bigger Picture’ on behalf of the entire Executive Team of Eurovision Song Contest 2021! ??

A sneak peak:
“This book by the incredibly talented photographer Nathan Reinds gives a unique look behind the scenes of the production. It shows the hard work and determination of a fantastic crew of over 1,600 people. It gives insight into the interaction between humans and technology. And most importantly, it tells many of the untold stories — stories that can best be told by the images that speak volumes. It truly shows the bigger picture beyond what you’ve seen on the television screen.”

Preorder the book via www.biggerpicturebook.com ???


Help, I’m in front of the camera! ?

The Bigger Picture meets RTV Oost. Visiting RTV Oost to talk about my photo book The Bigger Picture of Eurovision Song Contest. ??


Songfestival Xperience Exhibition ?

Super awesome! ? For the Songfestival Xperience exhibition, which can be seen during the Dutch Media Week, some of my photos were printed in life size. Several photos of me can be seen throughout the route and at the end it is possible to preorder my photo book ‘The Bigger Picture of Eurovision Song Contest 2021’. ?



Oh man this is so exciting, my first own photo book and you can already reserve one, aaah! ? A dream come true!

Last spring I was allowed to capture the Eurovision Song Contest as a house photographer. ? From the first flightcases that were rolled into Ahoy, to the dismantling at midnight after the Grand Final; it’s all in there! ??

This photo book with hundreds of photos spread over more than 350 pages gives you a unique look behind the scenes at the largest TV production in the world and is a beautiful memory for those who worked on it. ??

You can pre-order it via the link in bio and I’ll be shipping hopefully mid-November 2021!


Studio time!

Last week I was welcome again at the Media Park in Hilversum. This time to shoot all studios of Ziggo Sport (VodafoneZiggo)! ? Super cool to see how, thanks to Augmented Reality, huge studios can be made in relatively small spaces. ?? Nice work if you ask me!


Music in the streets! ?

Last night the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra gave a live performance on Dam Square in Amsterdam as the traditional start of the new concert season. ? It was nice to see such a large outdoor stage in a long time! ?


Gentlemen, start your engines! ?

During the Dutch Grand Prix at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort, CM.com received hundreds of customers, business relations and staff members every day at the special CM.com Beachclub. ?

The morning was kicked off with, among other things, a welcome by CEO Jeroen van Glabbeek, then everyone was allowed to go to the circuit and the day ended with a nice beach barbecue. ?


The cultural season is open! ?

This year, the Uitmarkt was once again located on the Museumplein. Because of COVID-19 not in the traditional form but with a great open-air theater. ??

A versatile program was presented on three evenings, of which 3 shows could be seen live on TV via AVROTROS and NTR. ?


Start the football season! ⚽️

The new football season has arrived and millions of people can once again enjoy ESPN’s programs every week! ?

Commissioned by ESPN and NEP The Netherlands, I photographed the renovated studio, the hosts and the technology behind the scenes. ?


It’s a wrap!

UEFA EURO 2020 in Amsterdam is over. For me a special experience to capture the atmosphere and production of football matches for the first time. ⚽️?

One more assignment for the next week and then it’s time for a long vacation. The past few months have been quite hectic with Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and UEFA EURO 2020 among others and it’s time to process that and make a plan for the rest of 2021.


Looking back… ?

In the new Entertainment Business Magazine I was allowed to contribute by listing some of my favorite Eurovision Song Contest 2021 photos and writing a piece of text next to it. ✍? That resulted in the spread below!


Another win for the Netherlands!

North Macedonia 0 – 3 Netherlands ?

That was already the last game of The Netherlands in Amsterdam for UEFA EURO 2020. ? An easy win, nice atmosphere at the stadium and as group winner through to the 1/8 Final! Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte was also present! The Johan Cruijff ArenA is preparing for one more match. The 1/8 final between Wales and Denmark! ⚽️


Netherlands 2 – 0 Austria ?

The three points against Austria makes the Dutch National Team group winner of Group C! That means that they made it to the 1/8 final, which will be played outside the Netherlands! ? So I can still watch a game at home on the couch with friends and family! ?

Two more match days to go in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. ⚽️


The Netherlands vs Ukraine

Photographed a football match for the first time in my life. ? On behalf of the KNVB, I mainly focus on the overall atmosphere and production aspects. ? Pictures of the players are made enough by other photographers.

The first matchday at the Johan Cruijff ArenA is over and the first 3 points for the Dutch team are in the pocket. ??


You get a Gold Award, and you… and you!

The suppliers that make productions like Eurovision Song Contest 2021 possible generally don’t go home with the cool gold awards like artists do. ? Let’s change that for my ESC clients. ?

Do you keep an eye on the mailbox NPO, NOS, AVROTROS, Sightline Productions, Ampco Flashlight Rental, Faber Audiovisuals B.V., NEP The Netherlands, EMG / UNITED, Unbranded B.V., The Powershop Netherlands, Rotterdam Ahoy and Light H Art? ?


Hup, Holland, Hup! ?

In the coming month, I’ll finally be able to visit the Johan Cruijff ArenA again. Not for big stadium concerts, but for what the stadium is intended for: soccer! ⚽️? Commissioned by the KNVB / LOS Amsterdam, I will be showing what is involved in producing the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament. ? Very curious about that myself! ?


What an adventure!

So thankful for this amazing journey. I hope everyone enjoyed my photos and the look behind the scenes. It has been an honor to capture everything what was going on and to put the whole crew who made this huge production possible a bit more in the spotlight. They deserve it! ?? Extremely proud of what our Dutch live-industry has shown the world. ? Worldclass, no doubt. ♥️ As you can see, I was to tired to give a proper smile… haha! Now it’s time to rest. ?


Come rain or come shine ??

On the 5th of May DI-RECT headlined the online edition of ‘Bevrijdingsfestival Den Haag’. The men played a nice festival set live ‘from Schiphol’ in theme park Madurodam. ? Towards the end of the show we were treated to heavy rain showers and that resulted in some great pictures! ?


In the newspaper! ?

Had a little talk with dutch newspaper De Stentor about Eurovision Song Contest 2021.


Technical rehearsels! ?

The past few days have been dominated by fine-tuning and check, check, double checks. Step by step, Rotterdam Ahoy is getting ready for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. ? What a beautiful stagedesign and lightning, isn’t it?


The Cube, open the doors! ?

Last weekend, the first episde of the new program “The Cube” was broadcasted on SBS 6. Under the direction of presenter Gordon Heuckeroth, participants play all kinds of games in the cube, in order to win a big amount of money! ?

Technically a very nice production, including Augmented Reality, 4K Super Slowmotion cameras and a complete Bullet-Time rig. ? Super cool! I was asked to shoot this production for a whole series of great clients including United, Unbranded, AFAS Live, Stagebrothers, Livingprojects and Chain! ✌? The photos were took earlier this year during the recordings.


We’re getting there. ?

Two weeks ago, Rotterdam Ahoy was still empty and now we’re here. In recent weeks, people have literally worked 24 hours a day to set up this production. Last week, the press in attendance got a glimpse of the grandeur of the decor and light. ? I am really looking forward to the show week! ?


Royal visit in Ahoy ?

Today, King Willem-Alexander paid a visit during the construction of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam Ahoy. ? Sietse Bakker, Erwin Rintjema and Jessica-Jane Stam, among others, updated him on the current state of affairs and explained what makes this production so gigantic. ??


Smile and wave boys, smile and wave. ??

This morning a caravan of trucks from NEP The Netherlands and EMG (UNITED) was waved goodbye at the Mediapark in Hilversum. The first video, audio and material trucks are on their way to Rotterdam Ahoy for Eurovision Song Contest 2021! ? It’s amazing that these two parties have joined forces for this production. ?


Step by step!

Construction is being carried out at lightning speed in Rotterdam Ahoy. ? Unbelievable how it all comes together and the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 becomes more visible every day. ⚙️ It is bizarre that 180 million people from all over the world will soon be watching this. ?


Did somebody ordered some steel?

The construction of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is in full swing and that means that tons of steel will be hoisted into the roof. It is that there is also work to be done otherwise I could spend hours on a chair staring at this whole thing. ?


Eurovision Song Contest started! ?

My cap has been exchanged for a construction helmet … the load-in and construction of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has started. Let’s go! ? Looking forward to photograph this huge production the coming weeks. ?

Commissioned by NPO / NOS / AVROTROS and a handful of great suppliers. ??

Photo by Joy Hansson


Fly on the wall ?

Shot by Manuel Venderbos


2.5 Million viewers for The Passion! ?

The recording of TV-program The Passion took place yesterday at Munsterplein in Roermond. Presenter Humberto Tan told the Easter story with music from Trijntje Oosterhuis, and many others. ?

A beautiful production by producer Mediawater in collaboration with NEP The Netherlands, Ampco Flashlight Rental, Faber Audiovisuals B.V. and Light Image. Entirely commissioned by the public broadcaster KRO-NCRV. ?


TV-production The Passion is coming to Roermond!

It’s the week of Easter and therefore also of The Passion. ✝️ This awesome TV production has been on my bucketlist for a while and that’s why I’m really happy to shoot this one on behalf of broadcaster KRO-NCRV! ?

The photo below is shot during The Passion in Concert in Rotterdam Ahoy, which I previously photographed for producer Mediawater. ?


A shot of inspiration, before going to sleep!

Tonight the season finale of #SPLNTR! can be seen on NPO 3. Guests were Chef’Special with their new single, but also Pepijn Schoneveld, Fay Loren and JDL Streetart! ✨ What a beautiful colorful production this. Awesome!

I photographed the recordings and studio on behalf of Pilot Studio.


Silence please!

This weekend the first episode of the brand new SBS 6 program “Silence Please!” was on TV. ? Under the guidance and commentary of Jeroen Van Koningsbrugge and Dennis van de Ven, the participants will complete different courses while they need to be as quiet as possible. ?

I photographed the whole production on behalf of Eventec Aalsmeer and United.


Let the games begin!

During the month March NPO Radio-2 dj Ruud de Wild and his partner Olcay Gulsen will challenge artists in their radio/tv show ‘Wild in the Weekend’ to play games against each other.


DI-RECT live from the Omniversum

Last weekend, DI-RECT played their sixt livestreamconcert from the Omniversum in The Hague. A huge cinema with a big dome-screen. The band projected custom made visuals during the show wich resulted in some magic moments!


Dutch performing arts in the spotlights!

In the new VPRO program ‘On Stage’, Nadia Moussaid presents a series of artists and musicians together on request of a main guest / co host. Earlier this month I photographed the recordings in TivoliVredenburg, which can be seen next Sunday 21 february on NPO 2. ?


I was in #FirstDates ?

Well… actually not me in person, but my photos did. 3FM-dj Sophie Hijlkema took part in the Valentine’s special of Dutch dating program First Dates. Some of the photos I took of her during 3FM Serious Request: The Lifeline featured in her introduction. Nice to spot work in the wild!


Fun times at SemiFest LIVE!

Last weekend I had another fun night at SemiFest LIVE. Artist Typhoon dropped by and played songs from his new album Lichthuis. It was a beautiful evening and I’m grateful I can still do my work during this lockdown and evening curfew.


Eurovision Songfestival 2021 back on the agenda!

Last year, COVID-19 came by and swept Eurovision Songfestival 2020 off my agenda. But…

Coming year I’ll still get the change to shoot this mega bucketlist production commissioned by the NPO, NOS and AVROTROS as their housephotographer. Really siked about this and looking forward to it.


Turning a diner-awardshow into a live talkshow ?

The Industributie Awards diner has been the place to be for decades, for business leaders of food-retailers and manufacturers. Due COVID-19 the diner couldn’t take place so they turned it into a big live TV-talkshow, with special guests, a live band and comedians. The beautiful production took place in Felix Meritis in Amsterdam.


SemiFest Live, a brand new TV-concept, is launched!

“We’re gonna have some fun, tonight!” ?

You’ll hear this sentence in the leader of SemiFest LIVE, an initiative of Martijn van Rheenen. ? For the past weeks every evening a live broadcast was made from the A’DAM Toren. ? Through the interactive platform, viewers could interact with the guests and sing, dance, cook and laugh together!


3FM Serious Request: The Lifeline is a WRAP!

Last week, we collected € 1.601.923 euro for the Red Cross in the Netherlands to fight against COVID-19. ? What an amount of money!

It was another beautiful, but also intense and emotional radio week. So many sad stories directly or indirectly through corona… ? Luckily Alfie the dog was there to cheer us up again. ? Now it’s time to spend some time with family and friends during christmas.

Foto: Nathan Reinds // www.nathanreinds.nl


The NPO Radio 2 Top 2000 list is OUT!

The complete TOP 2000 list was announced during the show of Radio 2 DJ Ruud de Wild. ? This year DI-RECT won the TOP 2000 Award with their beautiful song ‘Soldier On’ as the highest new entrant on position 12! ?


DI-RECT live from Grand Hotel Kurhaus

Every year, DI-RECT closes the year with hometown shows in venue ‘PAARD’ in The Hague. This cannot continue this year due COVID-19 so they produced another livestream concert this year. ? It turned out to be a magical show in a magically place. By surprise they received the platinum award for single Soldier On. ?


Brand new website!

After two years of perfect service it was time for a new look and feel. My old website was white and clean, very clean. Last year I found out that my website didn’t really represent me as a person. In the real world I’m not that clean and corporate, haha. So it became time to design and build a new website with a matching look and feel. Rich of contrast, colorful and a bit edgy. Thanks a lot to Buro Bros for the building-part.


First edition Guidinc Video Streaming Awards

The first edition of the Guidinc Video Streaming Awards is a fact! ?

In the past weeks, people in the Netherlands where able to vote for various categories, such as: favorite streaming service, best film / series, best documentary, favorite quote and best couple. ?

In the same order, the winners were: Netflix, Undercover, The Kissing Booth, Summer, ‘Dat vinden wij niet raar, dat vinden wij heel bijzonder’, Ferry & Danielle (Undercover). Presenter Dzifa Kusenuh took the presentation for her account. ?


Shooting several FOX Sports programs

Last month I photographed several FOX Sports programs in the studio at Endemol Shine Group. ?

I captured the presenters and analysts in their natural habitat during various live broadcasts. ⚽️ Jan Joost Van Gangelen, Pascal Kamperman, Hans Kraay, Ronald de Boer and Kenneth Perez, among others, were featured during the broadcasts. ?


Blindness live at Royal Theater Carré

Last weekend I visited the lovely Royal Theater Carré again. ? With the installation ‘Blindness’ they managed to create a cultural light in these dark times. ✨

Photographing was a huge challenge during the performance because it mainly takes place in the dark. Not surprising with ‘Blindness’ as the title. ? Afterwards we took the time to set up the entire installation properly.

“If you can see, look. If you can look, observe.”


Guest in the podcast ‘Make’

Last week I was invited to make my podcast debut at ‘Make’, the podcast of Kris Pouw, and that episode is live. ?

It was a nice open conversation and it was for the first time that I spoke so openly about topics that I find important. ?
If you feel like listening to me for an hour and a half, be my guest! We talked about acquisitions, marketing yourself, rates and discounts, the endless drive for growth and my perception of success and happiness.

Click the photo below!


DI-RECT live from the Elektriciteitsfabriek

Last weekend the release show, of new DI-RECT record ‘Wild Hearts’, took place live from the Electricity Factory! ⚡️

To celebrate the NPO 3FM Award for the livestream at De Pier Scheveningen, we took a picture with the whole family beforehand. ? Grateful to have a small share in these four productions. ??

Nathan Reinds | Photographer of Shows & Productions Nathan Reinds | Photographer of Shows & Productions
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